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The online certification course includes:

  • Twenty-five videos
  • Weekly Support Call
  • Complete Syllabus
  • Handouts
  • Live Hands-On Practicum
  • Certificate of Completion (Suitable for Framing)
  • Lifetime Access to the Training and any Updates
  • Ongoing Support
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Annual Retreat for RTE Students and Graduates

What people are saying:

From Stephanie in Northern California who took the RTE course:

“Kari Browning’s RTE Technique has completely transformed my life!

Reprogramming my heart & mind to respond in love toward myself and others rather than reacting to triggers from old wounds has greatly impacted my marriage, my children, and my home environment!

I’m convinced that we can heal from trapped cellular trauma at the deepest level and that our once life-dominating issues can become our stories of strength and empowerment for the next generation!

I am so excited to share the breakthrough I’ve experienced with everyone I meet!

You can overcome and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

I wholeheartedly recommend the RTE training course!”

From Tausha in Southern California who had a personal session: 

“I’ve undergone Sozo’s, and an intensive 15 hour RTF session, but nothing compares with Kari Browning’s Releasing Toxic Emotions. When she’s finished, you come out not only feeling but KNOWING that the broken pieces have been mended. Your whole being comes alive.

I knew I was angry. I was frustrated with the circumstances of life. I knew I was tired of the hamster wheel syndrome – and along came Kari Browning. Kari’s warmth, sense of compassion and uncanny knack for connecting the dots in my life helped me to identify where I acquired and developed unhealthy core beliefs. Moreover, she showed me how I came to be where I was. Finally, things were starting to make sense. My appointment with Kari Browning was nothing short of life changing!”

From Nancy in Alabama who has had three personal sessions:

“I’ve received three sessions from Kari, the first one in person and the latter two via Skype from several states away.

I had experienced deeply impacting wounds in my youth that planted lies into my subconscious core belief system and was unwittingly playing out an incredibly traumatizing pattern of abuse and pain well into my adulthood because of it.

I’d sought out years of Christian counseling, hours of secular psychoanalysis, self-medicating any way I could, but nothing was “fixing” my problem or addressing the root.

I got off of her treatment table after the first session and felt like I’d physically lost 20 pounds of weight. Not only was their an airy bounce in my step after an intense look at the truth, but I have walked out the proof of healing. I’ve continued work with her as I’ve peeled back layers and grown in awareness.

I am still in a process of continual healing and use the tools she’s given me to daily affirm new beliefs full of truth, love, and forgiveness. My lifestyle has changed, I no longer live in shame, and I’m excited to watch new and healthy patterns unfold for me.

There’s no magic here. It’s the miracle of truth setting people free.

I’d never understood releasing trauma and trapped emotions like this before. I have an invaluable gratitude for the gift I’ve received and what I’ve been taught. You can’t put a price or measure on matters of the heart for it is the wellspring of life.

I would recommend this ministry to my dearest of friends as well as to my darkest of enemies for we all need healing!”


Upon registration, you will receive immediate lifetime access to the course.

After you finish watching the online videos, you can schedule your live practicum with Kari Browning in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, or a city near you where Kari is conducting a seminar. (You will be responsible for your own transportation and lodging during the practicum.)

If you have questions or need more information, email kari@newrenaissance.us or call 208.640.9292.

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