It’s Time for Apostolic Power

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John G. Lake was a man who represented true apostolic ministry and power. In this new apostolic era, many will operate in the same gifting and will have similar faith.

John G. Lake’s healing/preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 until his death in 1935. (He is buried in Spokane, Washington.) He was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1870. His family moved to the United States, where he grew up and was one of 17 children. He was born sickly, as were a number of his brothers and sisters; eight of whom died when Lake was just a young boy. 

He became acquainted with the healing ministry of Alexander Dowie out of necessity. He had gone to Dowie’s “healing home” in Zion, Illinois, where he was healed instantly of a condition he had since his youth. 

Over the years, he took several members of his family to Dowie’s “healing home” in Zion City to be healed. He married Jennie Stevens, who was diagnosed with tuberculosis and heart disease two years into their marriage. She was also healed through Dowie’s ministry.

Lake was a wealthy businessman, but could hardly focus on his business because of the desire to preach rather than sell insurance. In 1907, he gave everything away and started evangelistic work, being absolutely dependent on the Lord.

He went to South Africa in 1908 and planted over 600 churches and saw thousands saved, healed, and delivered during the five years he was there. John G. Lake was known as “God’s Apostle to Africa.” 

Later, he moved to Spokane, Washington, where he had such an incredible healing ministry that the U.S. Government declared Spokane to be the healthiest city in America. During five years of ministry in the Spokane area, there were 100,000 documented cases of healing. He later moved to Portland, Oregon, and established a ministry there.


I was in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2001. I was ministering at one of the Apostolic Faith churches that John G. Lake had established. On Saturday evening, April 28, I felt impressed to speak the next morning on “re-digging the well of John G. Lake.” After the message, we symbolically took shovels and did a prophetic act of re-digging that healing well.

On the very same date six years later, April 28, 2007, I was in Cape Town, South Africa, where I was speaking at a Vineyard church. The couple who came to pick me up for the evening service had just become the newly appointed directors of the recently formed Healing Rooms in South Africa!  It was exactly six years to the day that I had been impressed to share the message of re-digging the well of John G. Lake!

Michael Howard, author of Tales of a South African Intercessor, wrote:

 I never forget a place where I have moved. My presence always hovers in places of previous revivals and I always look for a vessel that will be an instrument whereby I will be enabled to pour out again even in the same place.”


In June 2001, Shawn Bolz had an OPEN VISION of geologists and seismologists being sent to the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area because there had been earthquakes and there was a lot of underground activity going on.

He heard an AUDIBLE VOICE say:

“There is an undercurrent of my power in the Northwest that is about to EXPLODE forth in signs and wonders, healings, and power! I am shaking everything that can be shaken in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and up into Canada. There is a release of my power that will come there, then EXPLODE forth all over the nation.”

Shawn prophesied that there was a volcano of God’s power that would explode in the Northwest and groups all over the earth would be affected by it. He also saw a great bon fire, which he believed represented the move of the Spirit and there were many tents camped around the bon fire. The tents were all very close together and their tent pegs were overlapping because each group wanted to be right in front of the fire. Shawn said that this represented unity and a promise that God is not bringing this move of His Spirit to only one ministry or group, but His desire is that ministries would carry the fire together. It was a corporate invitation.

He sent the prophetic word to some leaders in our area. I read it aloud in our Bible School on June 24, 2001, in the RESURRECTION GOSPEL class, that was being held at the Rookery Building in Spokane. (This was the original John G. Lake building where Cal Pierce had re-opened the John G. Lake healing rooms.)

The next day, (June 25, 2001), there were three earthquakes! People who lived close by said it sounded like an EXPLOSION. The local news reported outside the Rookery Building the day after I read the prophecy in that building. (The sidewalk collapsed under the building and it was eventually torn down and the Healing Rooms moved to their current location.)

About a week later, I turned on the local news and I heard them report that geologists and seismologists were being sent over from the Seattle area because of all the underground activity going on. The exact words in the prophecy I had read!

We had about 100 small earthquakes that year. It was reported on the Pacific NW Seismic Network site: “We’ve found no report of a previous earthquake in the 120 years Spokane had been inhabited. The events eventually stopped. To this day, we do not know exactly what process triggered the action.”


GOD, I’ve heard what our ancestors say about you, and I’m stopped in my tracks, down on my knees. Do among us what you did among them. (Habakkuk 3:2 Message)

In 2003, we hosted a conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where Bob Jones saw a vision of Ray Kirschke. In the vision, he saw two “quitclaim deeds” being signed by Ray, who was the last living disciple of John G. Lake.

A quitclaim deed is a legal document that conveys the full rights of ownership from one party to another. This was to illustrate the transference of ownership, from one generation to the next, of the deposit of spiritual power and authority demonstrated in the prior generation.

After Bob’s vision, I was able to contact Ray Kirschke and he agreed to attend the meeting that evening.  Ray prayed a blessing and released all that was deposited and resident in him from the prior generation and transferred the promise to this generation.


On May 5, 2005, Danny Steyne (who is originally from South Africa) arrived in Coeur d’Alene and spoke at some meetings. On May 7, he was speaking at the Healing Rooms in Spokane. In prayer before the meeting, I saw a vision of John G. Lake hand Danny a pocket watch and I heard the words “it’s time.” The next morning (Mother’s Day), Danny was speaking at our church. Prior to that service, my daughter-in-law Katieann Browning saw a vision of Danny taking a pocket watch out of his pocket and heard “it’s time.” (She wasn’t aware of my vision the night before.)

That same morning, May 8, 2005, Bob Jones had a dream that he was given a watch. After telling Rick Joyner the dream on the way to church that day, Bob’s watch fell off his wrist during the church service. Someone came over and put a new Rolex watch on his wrist. 

The same day Bob Jones was given a new watch in North Carolina, Danny Steyne was given a new watch in Idaho. I bought Danny a pocket watch and he had it inscribed later with the words “It is Time.”

Todd Bentley had a visitation on May 8, 2005. He was told that the “kingly anointing” would begin on Mother’s Day. He understood that to be the apostolic ministry. He heard the Lord speak  to him audibly “Acts 5:12 begins today.” (“And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people.” Acts 5:12)

The date I saw the vision of John G. Lake give Danny the pocket watch (May 7) was the same date William Branham had been commissioned to the healing ministry by an angel in 1946. It was also the date that Mike Bickle and the Church in Kansas City began a 21-day water fast for revival in 1983. Bob Jones had declared that a comet would come on the day the fast began, unpredicted by scientists, to be a sign that revival would surely come. The comet appeared on May 7, 1983, as they began the fast. They thought revival would break forth immediately, but Bob had a dream on the last day of the fast and told Mike Bickle the following: 

“The Lord spoke to me in a dream last night and told me that He is not going to break loose in the revival in the way that we all thought. God never said that it would begin after the fast. We only assumed it would. The Lord says ‘No! There is an appointed time and appointed season for America, and when the Lord says IT’S TIME, it will not be one day late.’”

Danny Steyne is hosting THE GREATEST AWAKENING on May 8, 2019. (Randy Demain, who was assigned an angel named “Breakthrough Revival,” will be ministering along with others.) I realized that THE GREATEST AWAKENING conference starts 14 years to the date that I gave Danny the pocket watch. (It is also Mother’s Day weekend. The Holy Spirit was poured out in John Wimber’s church with Lonnie Frisbee on Mother’s Day 1980. Danny was greatly impacted by that and had a powerful dream about John Wimber that I reference in my article “The Appointed Time Has Come”: 

In April 2011, Mary M Dorian saw a vision where I was given a gold watch and I would know the time. She felt it had something to do with the month of May. She also saw a vision of a rainbow and each color of the rainbow represented a promise that God was going to fulfill. 

Some have grown weary and disillusioned as they have waited for promises to be fulfilled. I believe we have entered a new season where we will see an increase in apostolic power – the same power that John G. Lake had. 

Truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance, in signs and wonders and mighty deeds. (2 Corinthians 12:12)