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“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at LIBERTY those who are oppressed…” (Luke 4:18)

Paul Cain was a great healing evangelist during the Latter Rain Revival. He died on February 12 this year at age 89.

The Latter Rain Revival began on February 12, 1948. We hosted Paul Cain the first time on February 12, 2007.

At that conference, he laid hands on and commissioned a young man named Joshua, symbolic of Moses commissioning the Joshua generation to go in and possess the land. He died 12 years later on the exact date and I found out that it was the same date Moses died on the Hebraic calendar (Adar 7).

Before Paul came in 2007, I read that it was on February 12, 1989, that Paul had stood in John Wimber’s pulpit the first time and announced that he was the beginning of the “new breed.” Paul had been told that his mother would not die until he stood before a “new breed” of ministry. His mother, Anna Cain, died the next year at age 105!

When Anna Cain was 45 yrs old, she was pregnant with Paul. She had four terminal diseases in her body, (tuberculous, heart disease, both breasts were cancerous, and she had three tumors in her womb). A doctor, a renowned cancer researcher, sent her home and said she would not live to deliver the child. One night after midnight, the angel of the Lord appeared by her bedside and laid his hand on her shoulder saying, “Daughter be of good cheer, you will live and not die! The child you bear is a male child, you shall name him Paul and he shall preach the gospel as did the apostle Paul, binding up the sickness and infirmities of My people, and he shall stand before kings and rulers of nations.”

She was completely healed, and Paul was born shortly after and was nursed on breasts that just weeks before had been eaten with cancer. He did preach the gospel like the apostle Paul, and he saw many healings and he did stand before kings and rulers of nations. He often ministered in a high level word of knowledge gift. Paul had been told by his mother, who was also a prophetess, that she would give him a significant prophetic word before she died. She then went into a coma for two months. When she came out of the coma, she prophesied to Paul “Luke 4:18 for you Paul and for the world.”

She died on April 18 (4/18) at 4:18 pm after giving him the scripture Luke 4:18!

On April 18, 2000, I spoke at a conference in South Africa called “Moving into the Apostolic.” I told the story of Paul’s mother dying on that date.

In 2002/2003, there were three conferences that were said to be a trilogy in Oregon, Idaho, and Louisiana. The third conference was on April 18 and was hosted in Shreveport by Pastor Timothy Carscadden. It was called “Restoring the Voice of Healing.” The story of Anna Cain was told at that event also and it was Passover. (In the Bible, Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt on Passover; and Joshua led the Children of Israel into the Promised Land during the season of Passover 40 years later.)

On April 18, 2007, Timothy Carscadden and I were invited to speak at an apostolic conference in South Africa. It was the only “apostolic conference” I have ever spoke at. It centered on strategy to possess the land. It rocked my world! It was seven years after my first trip to South Africa where I had spoke at the “Moving into the Apostolic” conference, and the same date of the “Restoring the Voice of Healing” conference that Timothy had hosted four years prior. Again, I told the story of Anna Cain.

On April 18, 2010, we hosted Paul Cain for a conference we called “The Luke 4:18 Mandate.” It was exactly 20 years after his mother’s death.

Prior to the event, Paul’s assistant (Alex) had a dream where he went to a change machine and put in a ten dollar bill and out came seven coins (Sacagawea dollars). When he woke up from the dream, he was holding the coins in his hand! He heard the Holy Spirit say “The message is in the coin, call Kari Browning.”

I found out that Alex had the dream on the same date that Patrick Henry said “Give me LIBERTY or give me death,” prior to the commencement of the Revolutionary War. The coins had LIBERTY written in big letters on them. Before Paul Cain came on April 18, I found out that Paul Revere made his midnight ride on April 18 and the Revolutionary War began the next day. We were called Revolution Church at the time!


Alex had gone to a “change machine” in his dream. We hosted a conference two weeks prior to the April 18 event that we called “Changing Church.”

The change, I believe will come through the Luke 4:18 mandate. We are being equipped to set at LIBERTY those who are oppressed and those who are held captive. I believe we are in a season where we will possess the promises of God. We will see even greater things than what was experienced in the Latter Rain Revival!

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at LIBERTY those who are oppressed…” (Luke 4:18)