Preaching the Jesus in Red

Kari BrowningBlog, Prophetic Words

Last night, our power went out downstairs. Immediately after my son went to the breaker box and reset the breaker, I clicked on an old Bob Jones video.

In this video from 2011, Bob was speaking in California, but he began sharing about a vision he had over 20 years prior in Spokane (close to where I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho). It was about a breaker box! He immediately had my attention. 😉

In the vision, the power had gone out and he saw a breaker box where a wire was disconnected. He said if the power comes on and we are “not grounded,” it could kill us! He said we need anointed teachers to “ground” us.

This reminds me of another Bob Jones experience I’ve been pondering. Last year, on Bob’s birthday, two people I know (who don’t know one another) had a dream and a vision of Bob and he was wearing a red shirt and white shorts.

I’ve been thinking about the symbolism of the red shirt and white shorts and came across an experience that Mike Bickle shared years ago. (Mike Bickle is the founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Bob Jones was an integral part of that ministry in the early days.)

On September 17, 1997, during a prayer meeting at IHOP, the Holy Spirit highlighted Isaiah 63:1-6 to Mike Bickle. He felt the wind and fire of the Holy Spirit manifesting on him for several hours as he meditated upon it.

Isaiah 63 speaks of Jesus the King wearing the red garments of a judge as He walked through the nations.

Mike began to say, “Your red garments are glorious. Why are they RED? A king should be in WHITE garments.”

In response, he heard: “There are no governments on earth that will agree with My judgments. They are against them. I will trample the nations alone even though none agree with Me. Will you agree with Me?”

Mike repeatedly said “yes,” as he continued to feel the wind and the fire. Then, he heard the Lord say: “You will be rejected even by some of My people. Some will rise up against you.”

Mike promised the Lord: “I will preach the Jesus in the WHITE dazzling garment from Song of Solomon 5:10, and the Jesus in RED from Isaiah 63.”

Then, a prophetic man came over and prophesied to Mike (not knowing what Mike had just prayed): “The same angel that touched you two weeks ago with fire and wind is here again. Jesus is coming to you in red garments. He is putting the mantle of Isaiah 63 on you. You must study it because you will preach the Jesus in red.”

Mike understood that he was to proclaim how Jesus’ judgments were released to remove all that hindered love, and it was not a contradiction to His great love as the Bridegroom King. 💥

The experience Mike had reminds me of the Scripture in Romans where it tells us to behold both the kindness and the severity of God. It is not either/or, but both/and. God’s judgments are released to remove all that hinders love. Will we agree with Him? ❤️