Love Covers

Kari BrowningBlog, Healing

Recently, someone I know sent me a link to order her new book about the rise and fall of Todd Bentley (a well-known evangelist.)

She is a therapist and I believe her heart in writing the book is to protect victims and to start a conversation about the “cover up” happening in the Protestant Church regarding sexual abuse. However, I was disturbed by it.

In the book, she details Todd’s sexual sin. as well as “exposing” the sins of Paul Cain, Bob Jones, and numerous others, both living and deceased.

I think of the story of Noah, who got drunk and was laying naked in his tent. His youngest son, Ham, saw him and told his brothers about seeing their father naked–thus dishonoring Noah greatly. His other two sons, Japheth and Shem, took a robe and walked backwards into the tent, covering their father, but not allowing themselves to see him naked.

Love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

In covering, that doesn’t mean that we don’t address issues. Our goal should always be healing and restoration, however.

There are many examples of people in the Bible who sinned and who were restored, and were still used greatly by God. An example is King David, who not only committed adultery but then had the husband of Bathsheba killed. David was confronted by the prophet Nathan, and he did have consequences to his sin, but he repented and was restored. We now remember King David as a “man after God’s own heart.”

Years ago, Bob Jones saw the apostolic ministry coming forth. In this trance, he was in Arrowhead Stadium in a hospital gown. He was not on the platform, but was in the stands. He was told that his mentors had dropped him (like Mephibosheth) and that they had failed to bring healing to his wounds. His walk would be affected by that.

Mephibosheth’s name means “from the mouth of shame.” Bob Jones was raised in an alcoholic home in the hills of Arkansas. Adult children of alcoholics oftentimes suffer from “toxic shame.”

Todd Bentley was also raised in a dysfunctional home without his father, and had been sexually assaulted in his childhood.

In Isaiah 61, it says that we will be healed of our shame and be given a double portion. Beauty for ashes.

Instead of pointing the finger at those who have sinned, I think we should show compassion. We should be having conversations about sexual brokenness and how we can bring healing to those who have been broken.

Paul Cain’s mother died on 4/18 at 4:18 pm, with her last words being “Luke 4:18, Paul, for you and for the world.” Luke 4:18 is about healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free! Paul needed the Luke 4:18 ministry, as we all do.

It snowed in Hawaii on the day Paul Cain died. It snowed in Arizona (where Paul lived for many years) and in Santa Maria (where he was buried) on his burial date of 2/22/19. Since it is so rare for it to snow in those places, I felt it was a message. It reminded me of Isaiah 1:18: “Even though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow.” ❤️