Trauma Bonds

Kari BrowningBlog, Healing

Trauma bonding is when a person stays in a destructive relationship and is loyal to the abuser.

Trauma bonds often occur in relationships with narcissists, relationships with addicts or alcoholics, or in domestic violence situations. They can also occur in cult-like religious groups.

If you experienced abuse from a parent or caregiver who also loved you, then you may have learned to associate love with abuse. So, you may be drawn to abusive relationships because the abuse feels like love.

There is always manipulation involved in these relationships. Your brain may even become addicted to the drama involved. Chemicals are released in the brain and you can become addicted the way a heroin addict becomes addicted.

You can break the cycle! It involves recognizing the core beliefs you formed and being transformed by the truth and the renewing of your mind. New neural pathways in the brain can be established. You can learn to form healthy, loving relationships.