Heard and Validated

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We feel invalidated and unheard when we are ignored or judged when we express our emotions.

If you want to validate someone and help them in their healing process:

Show that you are attentive and present by giving verbal responses and using body language to show you are listening.

Focus on listening. Avoid interrupting or interjecting.

Repeat their words back to them, so they know you have heard them. For example, “What I heard you saying is…..”

Ask clarifying questions and help them elaborate on what they are feeling.

Avoid giving advice or sharing cliches.

Ask how you can help.

Emotional Triggers

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Emotional triggers reveal unhealed wounds.

The emotional response can be anger, fear, sadness, etc., or physical symptoms such as nausea, shaking, panic attacks, etc.

To heal emotional triggers, it is important to acknowledge them and shift any beliefs that you formed during the initial trauma.

It is often helpful to work with a therapist, spiritual healer, or a coach to find the root of the trigger and process the feelings involved.

The more you heal your emotional triggers, the more emotionally free you will be. ❤️


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Learning to love ourselves is key in our healing process.

When we’ve been wounded, we often form negative beliefs about ourselves. At the core of every wound is a belief that we’ve accepted about ourselves, such as “I am unworthy of belonging,” “I am unlovable,” or “I am not good enough.”

In order to transform those beliefs, we must accept the truth of our goodness, our value, and our loveliness.

Love yourself and be kind to yourself today. Treat yourself with loving compassion.

The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love others. ❤️


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I have observed that shame is often at the root of loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness can cause so much suffering. It can even cause premature death. Those who are lonely have a higher risk of heart disease, dementia, and other health issues.

To love and be loved is our most basic human need, but shame can cause us to disconnect and distance ourselves from others.

What would it be like if you were free of shame?

It’s possible if you do the healing work! ❤️

Love Heals

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The three most important factors in health, vitality, and longevity are feeling listened to, cared for, and supported.

Dean Shrock, PhD, author of WHY LOVE HEALS, cites scientific proof that love heals. His research concluded that people live longer when encountering a major illness when they feel listened to, cared for, and supported – all core aspects of love.

When you experience unconditional love, it sends a message to your cells to repair and rejuvenate. ❤️

It’s time to live!

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A survival strategy is something you or your body does automatically, in order to survive in a dangerous or unpleasant situation.

Your brain is trying to keep you safe and will often automatically go into “fight, flight, or freeze” mode.

When we have experienced trauma, we also adopt coping strategies in order to survive. For example, we might turn to food, alcohol, drugs, or some other addiction, in order to numb the pain.

In order to break out of survival mode, and to really live our best lives, we have to do the healing work.

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils – Kalispell, MT

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM MDT

Toxic emotions are oftentimes the source of emotional pain, relational difficulties, and physical illness.

By releasing toxic emotions, you can experience vibrant health and harmonious relationships. The technique taught to release toxic emotions involves the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Topics Covered:

  • How early childhood trauma affects us as adults
  • What to do when triggered – dealing with fight, flight, freeze survival patterns
  • Healing generational trauma and breaking generational patterns
  • Releasing shame and learning to love yourself
  • Turning off the stress response and rewiring your brain for joy
  • Demonstration of how to release toxic emotions

Pre-registration: $20 (On or Before September 26) or $30 (At the Door)


Mountain Meadow Herbs, 1019 Hard Rock Road, Somers, MT

(Lunch Break 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm – Local Restaurants or Bring Your Own Lunch)

Two-Hour Private Personal Sessions Available: Contact Kari Browning at 208.640.9292 or email: info@newrenaissance.us for more information.

To Register:


Children of Narcissists

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There is a difference between narcissistic behavior (which is displayed every now and then) and full-blown narcissism.

There are two kinds of narcissistic parents:

Parents who see their children as extensions of themselves. They become obsessively involved in the child’s life. They don’t respect boundaries and feel threatened when the child begins to individuate from them.


Parents who have very little interest in their children. They neglect to take care of their children or show an active interest in their lives.

Either of these two extremes are damaging.

If you’re the child of a narcissist, you will likely struggle with:

Codependency (Take care of others needs at the expense of your own)
Poor personal boundaries and the inability to say “no”
Chronic guilt 
Toxic shame (Feel unworthy of love and belonging)
Low self-esteem
Unmet Love Needs that Result in Addiction Issues
Trust issues
Inability to express or handle emotions (resulting in emotional numbness)
Anxiety or depression
Being a people-pleaser

You can recover and break the cycle! 😀

Juice & Raw Foods Retreat in Carefree, AZ

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Kari will be speaking at the Cherie Calbom’s Juice & Raw Foods Retreat in Carefree, Arizona, October 20-25th, 2019 at the Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.

Also known as the Juice Lady, Cherie is one of America’s foremost authorities on juicing and raw foods. The retreat center is just 40 minutes from the Phoenix airport, surrounded by spectacular views and comfortable rooms.

Please come join us to learn about healing and cleansing, in a fun environment full of love.

If you’re in need of a personal RTE session with Kari, you’re in luck. Kari will be offering individual sessions during the week of the retreat, as well.

For more information about the Juice & Raw Foods retreat in Carefree, Arizona, and to register, click here. (You’ll find the registration form at the bottom of the page.) Please be sure to check the “Referred by Kari Browning” box when you register for the retreat.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


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Todd White, a well-known minister, recently put a teaching online of why it is not necessary to get “inner healing.”

I’d like to respond.

I believe that many in the Church are physically sick (including healing ministers themselves) because they have been taught to repress their emotions. We are told in Proverbs 17:22 that bitterness dries up the bones. Medical science has proven that unhealed emotions do cause physical sickness.

We often inherit generational trauma. It can be passed down through the DNA. The Bible says the iniquity of the fathers is passed down to the third and fourth generation. Iniquity is an inherited weakness. That is why when you go to the doctor they ask you if there is heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. in your family line.

I see people re-creating their generational trauma all the time (even when they were separated from their birth parents through adoption). An example of this would be Whitney Houston and her daughter. Whitney died of a drug overdose and drowned in a bathtub. Her daughter also died of a drug overdose and drowned in a bathtub a few years later. They both had a lot of emotional pain that they tried to numb through addiction.

Many in the Church have addiction issues. Several well-known ministers have been involved in very public scandals. One is Ted Haggard, who pastored a mega-church and was also the head of the National Association of Evangelicals. He was using illegal drugs and having homosexual affairs while married with five children. When he went to counseling (after a very public scandal and losing everything), he remembered being sexually abused as a young man on his father’s ranch. If he would have had inner healing and deliverance, that scandal could have been avoided, I believe.

Inner healing is Biblical. In James 5:14-16, we are told to confess our sins one to another and pray for one another. In Luke 4:18, it talks about healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free.

One thing I’ve observed is that we often don’t value what we don’t understand. Todd is an evangelist, not a pastor. I had a friend who was an evangelist who thought the cure to everything was “outreach.” 🤣 After pastoring for 20 years myself, I observed many that had been in the Church for years who were addicted, sexually broken, and were repeating generational patterns. I also traveled with many well-known ministers who were bound themselves and whose families were very broken. Many church leaders are burned-out, sick in their bodies, having emotional breakdowns, and even committing suicide.

We need an army of inner healers and that is why I’ve devoted my life to equipping others to do what I’m doing. ❤️