Children of Narcissists

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There is a difference between narcissistic behavior (which is displayed every now and then) and full-blown narcissism.

There are two kinds of narcissistic parents:

Parents who see their children as extensions of themselves. They become obsessively involved in the child’s life. They don’t respect boundaries and feel threatened when the child begins to individuate from them.


Parents who have very little interest in their children. They neglect to take care of their children or show an active interest in their lives.

Either of these two extremes are damaging.

If you’re the child of a narcissist, you will likely struggle with:

Codependency (Take care of others needs at the expense of your own)
Poor personal boundaries and the inability to say “no”
Chronic guilt 
Toxic shame (Feel unworthy of love and belonging)
Low self-esteem
Unmet Love Needs that Result in Addiction Issues
Trust issues
Inability to express or handle emotions (resulting in emotional numbness)
Anxiety or depression
Being a people-pleaser

You can recover and break the cycle! 😀

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Todd White, a well-known minister, recently put a teaching online of why it is not necessary to get “inner healing.”

I’d like to respond.

I believe that many in the Church are physically sick (including healing ministers themselves) because they have been taught to repress their emotions. We are told in Proverbs 17:22 that bitterness dries up the bones. Medical science has proven that unhealed emotions do cause physical sickness.

We often inherit generational trauma. It can be passed down through the DNA. The Bible says the iniquity of the fathers is passed down to the third and fourth generation. Iniquity is an inherited weakness. That is why when you go to the doctor they ask you if there is heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. in your family line.

I see people re-creating their generational trauma all the time (even when they were separated from their birth parents through adoption). An example of this would be Whitney Houston and her daughter. Whitney died of a drug overdose and drowned in a bathtub. Her daughter also died of a drug overdose and drowned in a bathtub a few years later. They both had a lot of emotional pain that they tried to numb through addiction.

Many in the Church have addiction issues. Several well-known ministers have been involved in very public scandals. One is Ted Haggard, who pastored a mega-church and was also the head of the National Association of Evangelicals. He was using illegal drugs and having homosexual affairs while married with five children. When he went to counseling (after a very public scandal and losing everything), he remembered being sexually abused as a young man on his father’s ranch. If he would have had inner healing and deliverance, that scandal could have been avoided, I believe.

Inner healing is Biblical. In James 5:14-16, we are told to confess our sins one to another and pray for one another. In Luke 4:18, it talks about healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free.

One thing I’ve observed is that we often don’t value what we don’t understand. Todd is an evangelist, not a pastor. I had a friend who was an evangelist who thought the cure to everything was “outreach.” 🤣 After pastoring for 20 years myself, I observed many that had been in the Church for years who were addicted, sexually broken, and were repeating generational patterns. I also traveled with many well-known ministers who were bound themselves and whose families were very broken. Many church leaders are burned-out, sick in their bodies, having emotional breakdowns, and even committing suicide.

We need an army of inner healers and that is why I’ve devoted my life to equipping others to do what I’m doing. ❤️


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Are you familiar with the term “collective consciousness?”

There is a collective field of thought/belief that dictates, to some degree, what is possible.

For example, people thought it was impossible for a runner to break the four-minute mile. As soon as Roger Bannister did it in 1954, other athletes did the same thing within the same year.

In the 1950s, scientists conducted research on a group of monkeys in Japan. They dropped sweet potatoes on the ground for the monkeys to eat. After awhile, one monkey took the sand covered sweet potato and rinsed it at a nearby lake, discovering that the sweet potato tasted better washed.

Not long after, more monkeys started washing their sweet potatoes and, unexplainably, it moved elsewhere. And although these monkeys never came into contact with each other, the act of rinsing food before eating it entered their collective consciousness.

This strange event was coined the “100 Monkey Principle” which stated that once a critical number of people’s consciousness changed (in the case of the monkeys, that number was 100) a tipping point would occur which would lead to a change in group consciousness.


We were all interconnected. If we could change our emotion of fear to love, we could change the world! 💥


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I’ve recently read three excellent memoirs of people who left toxic religious cultures.

They were from different groups, but the groups had these things in common:

Authoritarian Leadership – The leader exercised control over them. They were expected to submit, even if they didn’t agree. Unquestioning obedience was necessary.

Shame and Guilt – They were shamed and were made to feel guilty for “not measuring up.”

Fear and Intimidation – They were told something bad would happen to them if they left the group.

Exclusivism – They were told that their group alone had the truth.

Isolationism – They were encouraged to “separate themselves” from anyone who was not a member of their group. All of their friends were in the group.

Opposition to Independent Thinking – They were not allowed to think independently. They had to adopt the group’s beliefs and had to submit to the rules to belong and to be accepted.

Fear of Being “Shunned” – They were “kicked out” and “shunned” if they questioned anything.

If you choose to leave a group that has any of these characteristics, you may feel like everything you believed is coming into question. Your whole world may feel like it is being turned upside down.

The good news is that you aren’t alone! You can recover your life and live a life of joy and peace.

Feel Your Emotions

Kari BrowningBlog, Healing

Many people repress their emotions.

When asked how they are doing, the answer is always “fine.”

Some people turn to addictive behavior to help them cope with emotional pain instead of allowing themselves to feel negative emotions and release them in a healthy way.

Trapped emotions can manifest in our bodies. Your heart might ache, you may feel nauseated, or feel tension in your neck or shoulders, or you may become extremely tired, etc.

Where There is Fruit, There is a Root!

Think about when you started feeling this way. Now go further back, and see when you felt like this before.

Making space for these feelings, instead of repressing them, is the key to healing.

If you need help releasing toxic emotions, you can schedule an in-person or phone appointment by emailing


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You can repair relationships through a good apology.

A bad apology is “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

What makes a good apology?

You need to be specific about what you are sorry for. You need to state a clear “I’m sorry for….” statement.

You should state how you understand what you did hurt the other person. Validate their feelings. Be empathetic and compassionate.

Express regret and remorse for what you did that hurt the other person. (“I regret what I did. If I could do it differently, I would.”)

Ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes there needs to be restitution to repair the broken relationship. You can ask, “What can I do to make this up to you?”


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We need to learn God’s ways.

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. (1 Peter 5:5)

This end-time move of God is not going to come through prideful “celebrity Christianity.” It is going to come through those who are humble and contrite in heart.

For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. (Luke 14:11)

For 20 years, Mike Bickle has facilitated 24/7 prayer and worship in Kansas City. This is a quote from him: “On May 7, 1999, I gathered together a few singers, musicians and worship leaders to launch a prayer meeting in an old trailer. We affectionately referred to it as the ‘Bethlehem Stable’ because we knew that God uses humble beginnings to birth things dear to His heart.”

On 11/11/09 revival broke out in Kansas City. It was the “real deal” with many healings and salvations. It was led by young people and there was no celebrities. Most of the Church was oblivious to this move of God, even though the meetings were broadcast nightly on God TV. I believe they were oblivious because they had been so disillusioned with what had just happened in Lakeland with a “celebrity-led revival” that was full of mixture and ended in public scandal.

After a year, Mike Bickle received a prophetic word to end the nightly revival meetings in Kansas City and to focus on praying for the next wave of revival that would be so much greater.

Ten years later, every indication is that we are on the verge of another major wave of revival. I believe it is going to come in places we least expect.

“After this I will return and rebuild David’s fallen tent. Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it…” (Acts 15:16)

This is an excerpt of a prophetic word from the late Jill Austin. Prior to The Fullness of Time conference in 2012, there was a dream and a vision where two different intercessors saw Jill trying to get a message to the Church.

I think this was the message she was trying to convey and it is a NOW word for the Church:

“He says, ‘There has come a religious professionalism to the conference scene.’ I just feel like you are going to be breaking, breaking an old kind of conference thing – this professionalism of the speakers. It’s going to be more like Tent City. A lot of unknown faces, unknown people. Young, old, women, men, different colors are going to be preaching – signs and wonders. There is going to be an anointing. I just kept feeling like the Lord says, ‘Get ready!’

And there is going to be a sound. There is going to be an angel now. There is going to be an angel that is going to stand over the tent and there is going to be a trumpet and there is going to be a sound of trumpets…..I see that angels are going to be releasing a sound and people are going to say, ‘I don’t just want to go to that conference, I want to go where there are tent meetings that are emerging all over the nations.’

There is going to be a catalytic spark. He is going to start to birth it. But it’s going to start to become a new kind of thing where people are going to want to come and sit in the dirt.

I just feel like we are going to start moving in a thing where it’s much more home-grown, much more real, much more ‘The feel of the nations.’ I kept feeling like the Lord said, ‘New breed.’ Different ages. And then I saw The Voice of Healing (magazine) and I saw all men on it. The Lord says, ‘No, that will offend My heart. I want to kill the Old Boys Club. I want family. I want fathers and mothers, all ages, all colors. I want those that carry the weight of heaven.’

The Lord says, ‘There is a new anointing, and it’s tabernacling. It’s an anointing of the Tent of the Meeting. It’s an anointing of Houses of Prayer on the move.'”


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Multitudes are leaving what I call the “political church.” They are looking for true spirituality. Something real.

Years ago, I had a dream. In the dream, Paul Cain came to me and said “the revolution is in the kitchen.” What a bizarre dream, I thought. Whatever could it mean?

Later that day, a title of a book was highlighted to me as I was sharing the dream with someone on the phone. It was called “Revolution” by Gene Edwards.

The book is about the original Pentecost when 3,000 new converts were added to the Church in a day. Afterwards, the early Church began to meet daily in homes and they “ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” Multitudes were added to the Church through signs and wonders.

Years later, we hosted Paul Cain at a few conferences. (I didn’t know him personally when I had the dream.) We brought him on April 18, 2010. It was the 20 year anniversary of his mother dying on 4/18, at 4:18 pm, with her last words being Luke 4:18. Prior to him coming, I found out that Paul Revere made his midnight ride on 4/18 and the Revolutionary War began the next day. We were called Revolution Church at the time!

Revolution means “sudden momentous change” and “the overthrow of one government for another.”

I desire to be a part of a love revolution. I desire to see the Church change. I desire to see “a new government of love” established. ❤️


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We need to go “Back to the Future!”

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” ~ Albert Einstein

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” ~ Dr. Oz

Abraham, the father of our faith, wore a stone around his neck that he used to heal people (according to the Talmud). It was frequency!

Hildegard von Bingham, a Catholic nun in the 1100’s, used music, plants, dirt, and stones to heal people. It was frequency!

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist denomination, used a battery to heal people. It was frequency!

This is what the Lord says:

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

(Jeremiah 6:16)

If you want to find rest for your soul, ask for the “ancient paths.”

Many Christians are afraid to “walk in it” (the ancient paths) because they are afraid it’s “new age.” It is actually ancient!

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