Tribal Identity

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We have a God-given desire to be a part of a “clan” and to be a part of a family. Psalms 68:6 says: “God sets the lonely in families.” There were twelve tribes of Israel. Although they were all part of one nation, each tribe had unique characteristics. Each tribe was blessed by Jacob and later … Read More

Passion and Power of Pentecost

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John Paul Jackson once prophesied that God was going to restore “the passion of Pentecost” to the Church through a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. John G. Lake was told to pray for this when he had an angelic visitation in 1920. The angel took the Bible and opened to the book of Acts. … Read More

It’s Time for Apostolic Power

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JOHN G. LAKE  John G. Lake was a man who represented true apostolic ministry and power. In this new apostolic era, many will operate in the same gifting and will have similar faith. John G. Lake’s healing/preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 until his death in 1935. (He is buried in Spokane, Washington.) He was … Read More

Celtic Connections

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SAINT PATRICK AND SIGNS AND WONDERS St. Patrick became a legend because of the extraordinary miracles that took place in his ministry. He had been kidnapped by pirates as a young man and taken from England to Ireland. During that time, he became a slave to a Druid high priest. He came to love his … Read More

Glory of the Latter House

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SHOW ME YOUR GLORY   Bob Sorge said in his book Glory, When Heaven Invades Earth: “When you have a spiritual experience that is actually perceived at the sensory/physical level, then you’re touching the glory realm.” Moses prayed, “Now show me your Glory.” (Exodus 33:18)   Moses witnessed the glory of God. He stood before … Read More

The Blood and the Glory

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In March 2007, I went on a ministry trip to New Zealand with Joshua and Janet Angela Mills.   Prior to that trip, Joshua had a ring stolen from his hotel room while on a ministry trip in Phoenix, Arizona.   It wasn’t any ordinary ring – it was an “inheritance ring” that had been … Read More

Doves of the Latter Rain

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In March 2007, I was ministering at a conference in Salt Lake City (with Cindy McGill, Shawn Bolz, Randy Demain, and Paula Benne). On route to the conference, Randy Demain told his driver that he often has doves appear in the natural when he gives a message entitled “Doves of the Latter Rain.” To their … Read More

The Appointed Time Has Come

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In the Bible, important events occurred on festival dates. They are known as “appointed times.” For example, according to Jewish history, King David was born and died on the festival date of Shauvot (the date the law was given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the date of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on … Read More