No Coincidences

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It is not a coincidence, I believe, that the coronavirus quarantine falls at the same time that the plagues occurred in Egypt. The plagues persuaded Pharaoh to let the children of Israel leave Egypt. Passover is known as the “Season of our Freedom.” As they left Egypt on Passover, Moses took with him the bones … Read More

The Land Remembers

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I am writing this blog from Germany where I am facilitating a seminar on “Releasing Toxic Emotions.” The technique I use involves the use of essential oils and I believe it is the restoration of James 5:14-16 from the Bible. It is a lost art that is being restored. At my seminars, I show a … Read More

Tribal Identity

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We have a God-given desire to be a part of a “clan” and to be a part of a family. Psalms 68:6 says: “God sets the lonely in families.” There were twelve tribes of Israel. Although they were all part of one nation, each tribe had unique characteristics. Each tribe was blessed by Jacob and later … Read More