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Young Living Essential Oils


 Essential oils can be used for both physical and emotional healing. Young Living’s essential oils are pure and meet the highest standards possible.  If you order through us, you will be given lots of support and education.


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Itovi Scanner



With this pocket-sized scanner, you will be able to determine what essential oils and supplements your body wants and needs.




Unsealing Ancient Mysteries


Endorsed by Rabbi Jason Sobel and Shawn Bolz. This book explains how the Biblical Festivals teach on the First and Second Coming of the Messiah.


Some Reviews:

“I review books for a number of publishers and have never found a book that so well covers some of the subjects we have wondered about as we read the Bible with so many scripture references. I bought this book as an e-book but am I am going to buy it as a regular book because there is so much in it. I have pages and pages of notes that I am copying from this book. This is a book that I will recommend to my friends, people we minister to and also new believers so that they can start out understanding the Bible and customs and what the background is in many instances. With Forewords by Randy DeMain and Paul Keith Davis who have studied these topics in depth and taught on them, you can be assured this is a book worth reading and studying.” ~ Sierra


“This book is amazing! I had virtually no knowledge of the Jewish feasts prior to reading this book, but I did know they are spoken of all over the Bible. This author is extremely knowledgeable and not only explains these feasts, but explains in great detail how these feasts correlate to the Messiah’s first coming and His second coming. It’s like my eyes are opened! Everyone should read this book- so so interesting!” ~ Lindsay


5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing!!! 

“I have read “Unsealing Ancient Mysteries,” in the last 24 hours. Kari Browning does a beautiful job of bringing pieces of information together from scripture and showing how it ties together in the Jewish Feasts. I have several other books on the feasts, but hers is the easiest to understand and the most informative. If you have a longing in your heart to know more about the Jewish Feasts, “Unsealing Ancient Mysteries,” will help you to understand how Jesus’ actions and the feasts are tied together. I strongly recommend the book.” ~ Amazon Customer


“I’ve read a lot of books on this subject over the years; this is the most believable biblically and historically speaking. I highly recommend this book to true seekers.” ~ Stephen E.


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